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Professor John N. Gathegi, a renowned scholar and educator in the United States of America paid a courtesy call to the Head of Department, Dr. Dorothy Njiraine on 28th July 2014, and held interactive discussion with the staff and the students. Dr. Gathegi a native of Kenya is a professor and scholar in the School of Information at the University of South Florida, and a courtesy professor in the School of Mass Communications. Professor has keen interest and specialization in information, communication and law with numerous research publications and books.

Professor Gathegi advised the students that it is possible for anyone to become what she or he would like to be long as one has the strong will and desire to chase and realize the dreams. Based on personal learning experience, Professor’s career began with BA Psychology, MA Political Science and PhD Information Studies. He connects and blends well with the students using knowledge, skills and expertise in information science, communication, law and psychology. Professor Gathegi chose to stick to information science as knowledge is the mother of all professions in the world. “Knowledge” guides any career whether communication, law, psychology or any other. Knowledge and skills in psychology helps him when dealing with issues touching on students while law is useful in terms of intellectual property rights and policies. Professor is a great inspiration to the students’ community and staff given his curious career progression in terms of his prior programmes before embarking to the current profession.

Among other issues also discussed included: the need for students to acquire knowledge and skills regarding the digital and technological society, identification and creation of opportunities through information entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, openness and responsive to change and new ideas, collaboration and partnership, and emerging trends and issues in the information industry.

Dr. Elisha O. Makori while thanking the visiting Professor noted that, there is need to build on this good will from the Professor as a means and possibility of having exchange programmes between students and staff of the University of Nairobi and the University of South Florida. The exchange programmes will facilitate learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences in a bid to build responsive careers and networking. The students’ community and the members of staff enjoyed and learnt a lot from the session which was indeed not only informative and knowledgeable but also an eye-opener. Students expressed their gratitude to the visiting Professor and the Department of Library and Information Science and look forward to more sessions in the future.