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Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) is a multidisciplinary profession that has attracted students from various disciplines in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences across Kenya and the greater East and Central African Community. Life is a journey that normally begins with a single step followed by multiple steps that are illuminated by one’s decisions, dreams and desires. Napoleon Hill’s adage sums that, the starting point of all achievement is desire.

MLIS programme provides the dreams and desires to students with background in library and information science and other disciplines. Students are motivated by the diversity of the programme that is inline with the knowledge society and information communication technology. MLIS programme provides conducive research, teaching and learning environment to students including those already working; dedicated teaching and non teaching staff; students in the programme have access to both print and electronic information resources; and students interact through group work and class presentations.

Interactive and critical thinking approaches enable the students acquire knowledge and skills and hands-on experience on presentations. Teaching and learning sessions involve not only academic issues but also personal and societal aspects. This makes the students acquire leadership and management responsibilities that are fundamental in transforming and changing the society and the public. The programme also equips the students with the art of endurance, hard work and tolerance as holistic individuals willing to be servant leaders in the society.

This is what one of the MLIS students had to say about the programme, the MLIS programme is a journey which has been intriguing each day with new knowledge and learning experience. As students we are proud of our programme since success is when one knows her or his purpose in life, growing to reach the maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others through utilization of the available resources and potentialities. Knowing one’s goal in life is only utilized through education and shaped by excellent scholarly teaching, learning, research and community services, the focus of MLIS programme.

Dr. Makori notes that, students are normally encouraged to research and publish papers so as to increase their value, respect, honor and contribution in the academic fraternity and society at large.