Master of Library and Information Science
Degree Code:C54
Degree Name:Master of Library and Information Science
Degree Type:MASTERS
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 501 Concepts And Theories Of Information Science45View Description
CIS 502 Information Organization And Retrieval45View Description
CIS 503 Research Methods In Library And Information Science45View Description
CIS 611 Knowledge Management45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 511 Collection Development And Management45View Description
CIS 513 User Studies And Information Services 45View Description
CIS 515 Inforpreneurship45View Description
CIS 521 Digital Libraries And Information Systems45View Description
CIS 522 Websites’ Development And Management45View Description
CIS 523 Multimedia Information Systems45View Description
CIS 524 Web Based Electronic Information Systems45View Description
CIS 531 Records Management45View Description
CIS 533 Archival Arrangement And Description45View Description
CIS 534 Preservation Of Information45View Description
CIS 535 Electronic Archiving And Digital Preservation 45View Description
CIS 541 Publishing And Book Trade45View Description
CIS 542 Print And Electronic Publishing45View Description
CIS 543 Scholarly Publishing45View Description
CIS 544 Information Marketing And Public Relations45View Description
CIS 545 Information Ethics And Policy45View Description
CIS 612 Abstracting And Indexing45View Description
CIS 621 Information Systems Analysis And Design45View Description
CIS 623 Electronic Communication And Data Transfer45View Description
CIS 625 Human-computer Interaction45View Description
CIS 631 Management Of Digital Libraries45View Description
CIS 632 Electronic Records Management Systems45View Description
CIS 633 Archiving Of Multimedia Information45View Description
CIS 641 Business Information Systems45View Description
CIS 642 Scientific And Technical Information Systems45View Description
CIS 643 Health Information Systems45View Description
CIS 644 Agricultural Information Systems45View Description
CIS 645 Development Studies Information Systems45View Description
CIS 646 Economic Aspects Of Information45View Description
CIS 647 Legal Aspects Of Information45View Description
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 622 Database Design And Management45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 514 Automation Of Libraries And Information Systems 45View Description
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 512 Cataloguing And Classification Of Information45View Description
CIS 525 Information Security And Data Recovery45View Description
CIS 613 Disaster Management In Libraries And Information Centres45View Description
CIS 614 Information Literacy45View Description
CIS 624 Informetrics And Scientometrics45View Description
CIS 602 Thesis360View Description
Semester: 4
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CIS 601 Research Project 180View Description