Research articles

Below is a collection of articles by researchers in the Department of Library and Information Sciences

Elisha Ondieki Makori (2021). Sustainable Information Development Practices and Societal Transformation in Kenya. International Journal of Library and Information Services, Vol. 10 Iss 2 pp. 1-19.

Elisha Ondieki Makori and Connie Bitso (2021). Information Profession in Digital Transformation and Development: Future Directions. In Handbook of Research on Knowledge and Organization Systems in Library and Information Science, IGI Global.

Dennehy, D., Oredo, J., Spanaki, K., Despoudi, S., & Fitzgibbon, M. (2021). Supply chain resilience in mindful humanitarian aid organizations: The role of big data analyticsInternational Journal of Operations & Production Managementahead-of-print (ahead-of-print)

Enabling knowledge sharing practices for academic and research in higher education institutions by D Njiraine

Webometrics Ranking and Its Relationship to Quality Education and Research in Academic Institutions in Kenya. by D Njiraine, EO Makori, DF Khamala

The Role of Organizing Vision in Cloud Computing Adoption by Organizations In Kenya by John OredoJames Njihia and XN Iraki

Practical aspects of implementation of institutional repositories in Africa with reference to the University of Nairobi by EO Makori, D Njiraine, P Talam





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